With the recent release of rules clarifying and strengthening the FCC’s “Carrier’s Carrier Rule,” governing the USF billing relationships of telecommunications Wholesalers and Resellers, comprehensive regulatory compliance has never been more important.

The burden to demonstrate compliance with the FCC’s Reseller USF Exemption process is now squarely on the shoulders of wholesale service providers, which must verify the federal USF contribution status of all non-end user customers, not solely on an entity-wide basis, but on a service-by-service and circuit-by-circuit basis. Providers failing to comply with the stringent guidelines mandated by the FCC face potential audit risks before USAC and significant financial hardships in the event of a revenue reclassification.

The Commpliance Group makes its AccuExemptSM – USF Exemption Management Service simple and cost-effective by extending our core regulatory compliance philosophy of combining seasoned regulatory experts with innovative technology to support compliance. Through our Service, we will manage all aspects of the Carrier’s Carrier Rule, including the delivery, collection, review & analysis and storage of all customer USF Exemption Certificates.

Subscribers to our Service receive the following key features:

  • “Cloud-based” quick and easy online management of exemption certificates and client accounts, using a web-based, user-friendly interface for effortless management. No special hardware or software is required, only access to the internet.
  • Access to attorney-approved exemption certificate templates, updated to reflect the latest FCC rules and “safe harbors.”
  • Dedicated regulatory consultants who monitor exemption status and answer any questions about ongoing Wholesaler-Reseller USF Exemption Compliance, providing one-on-one support and keeping subscribers updated with current information.
  • Results are synced with FCC Form 499 reporting and the FCC’s website to ensure real-time compliance, and detailed record retention in accordance with the FCC’s rules, which provides a safeguard in the event of an audit.

In addition, subscribers will benefit from ensured accuracy and reduced risk, along with the ability to correctly bill and collect Federal Universal Service Fund fees, maintain exemption certificates in real time, and properly apply rules to all of your service offerings. The Commpliance Group’s AccuExemptSM — USF Exemption Management Service enables wholesalers of all sizes to become – and remain – compliant with FCC rules.