Karen Hyde

Managing Consultant

t. (703) 714-1306


Ms. Hyde is a Managing Consultant at The Commpliance Group.

A seasoned telecommunications compliance professional, Karen brings a wealth of experience in diverse areas to The Commpliance Group’s clients. For fifteen (15) years, Karen served as the prime regulatory specialist for a global CLEC and Tier 1 network provider. In this role, she was responsible for the nationwide regulatory compliance and reporting requirements of the company’s numerous domestic and international operating subsidiaries. Through her many years of service, Karen has developed a keen understanding of the regulatory processes and requirements and has cultivated deep relationships with key staff at every Utility Commission in the nation.

Karen provides regulatory reporting and compliance services to telecommunications companies seeking to outsource the tedious and time-consuming, but necessary, task of maintaining regulatory compliance through the tracking, completion and filing of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and payment of fees, and contributions mandated by the various federal and state regulatory agencies, including the FCC, all 50 state utility commissions and Secretaries of State, and the CRTC.

Representative Experience

  • Revising and updating telecommunications tariffs to ensure that they reflect current product offerings and rates.
  • Providing initial tariffs as needed in the Application for Certification.
  • Ensuring compliance with all new and existing regulations as put forth by the state utility commissions and the Federal Communications Commission regarding tariffs and reporting.
  • Compliance with various filing requirements in all jurisdictions including electronic filing.
  • Maintaining communication with all commissions to clarify and/or remedy any changes as specified by each commission.
  • Drafting customer notifications of rate changes.
  • Providing for and maintaining a tariff library.
  • Providing a regulatory resource by researching the various state regulations.
  • Training and supervision of tariff production personnel.
  • Completion and filing of regulatory reports and quality of service reports as required by specific state agencies.
  • Completion and filing of International traffic and circuit reports
  • Rate analysis within telecommunications industry to aid in company financial planning.
  • Working effectively with billing vendor to implement new and revised rates.
  • Investigation and response to civil subpoenas regarding requests for telecommunications and billing records.


A graduate of Waynesburg University, Karen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating with honors. Karen also earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Waynesburg University.