The Commpliance Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in regulatory, corporate and tax compliance management and transactional services for telecommunications, VoIP and other communications & information technology companies. We combine expert guidance and knowledgeable consultants with a broad range of professionally managed, technology enhanced solutions designed to optimize your company’s compliance profile.

The secret to our organization’s success is our unique ability to provide a Full Spectrum of scalable solutions tailored to meet the individualized demands of each company we serve. For the past 15 years, we have successfully delivered on our promise to make reliable and affordable services available to hundreds of companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises from locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Responding to demand from carriers ill-served by variety of low-cost consulting firms, The CommLaw Group creates a "Regulatory Compliance & Reporting" practice group to provide clients expert compliance services at affordable rates


FCC Regulates VoIP and opens door to future regulation of IP-Based communications

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FCC orders VoIP providers to contribute to Universal Service Fund

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The Commpliance Group founded as a stand-alone consultancy providing professionally-managed, technology-enhanced regulatory compliance services


The Commpliance Group revolutionizes FCC licensing with the launch of, the first-ever do-it-yourself FCC licensing portal


Revolutionary "Full Spectrum" compliance business model introduced

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The Commpliance Group teams with CCH SureTax and TaxConnex to introduce the "Cloud Commpliance Solution"

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One-of-a-Kind, Full Spectrum of professional services helps The CommLaw Group organization achieve recognition by ACQ Global Awards as the "Customer Service Firm of the Year"!

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The Commpliance Group named by ACQ Global Awards: US-Niche Consultancy of the Year (Telecoms)- The Commpliance Group, Inc.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide “best of breed,” efficient, affordable and reliable outsourced compliance services and solutions to the communications and information technology industries; focused on fulfilling the management of the diverse and complex regulatory, tax, corporate and consultative needs unique to our core industry sectors. We strive to achieve our Mission by:

  • Creating and Delivering a suite of customized compliance services tailored to the unique demands of the complex and dynamic industry sectors we service, taking into consideration the size, sophistication, risk-sensitivity and budgets of each individualized business we serve;
  • Utilizing custom-built, homegrown internal and customer-facing technology solutions to create efficiencies to reduce costs and increase reliability without sacrificing personalization and the intimacy of the Client-Consultant professional relationship; and
  • Delivering “Professional” and “Thoughtful” compliance services through highly-trained and experienced consultants who are enriched with specialized knowledge and sensitivities derived from the close working relationship with its affiliate, the nationally-recognized and award-winning Communications & Information Technology law firm, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group.

It’s time to let The Commpliance Group become your company’s trusted and reliable outsourced partner for all of your company’s compliance needs – from market entry through market exit, with everything in between, including compliance
maintenance, audits, information and updates, and transactional activities. Let us guide you through the regulatory jungle so you can focus your attention on more important matters, like growing your business!

We cordially invite you spend time visiting our website and our affiliated law firm’s site — — where you can learn more about our Full Spectrum professional services organization and all the ways we can help streamline and create confidence in your company’s compliance profile.

The Commpliance Group was named 2014’s “Niche Consultancy of the Year – Telecoms” by ACQ Global Awards. The Commpliance Group is the consulting affiliate of The CommLaw Group – Winner of two Lexology / International Law Office “Client Choice Awards” and named “Leading Customer Service Law Firm of the Year” and “Best Communications Law Firm in the U.S.” by ACQ Global Awards.

Here are some of the ways we work with our clients:

Ensure your communications firm is in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission’s basic rules. Utilize our entry-level service that puts the power to comply completely in your own hands with our manuals, portals, and other Do-It-Yourself tools.

Rid yourself of the paperwork burden and gain the time to focus on growing your core business. Our experienced consultants will manage your routine report filing and fee payment obligations for affordable monthly fees.

If your reporting needs fall outside the routine, or if you need information that falls beyond the administration of compliance, our knowledgeable consultants are available to help you stay on track and well-informed.

The communications industry can be a minefield of uncertainty and risk. When our consultants see a red flag, we have specialized communications attorneys on hand who can seamlessly provide guidance that will let you avert disaster and unwanted attention from regulatory enforcement agencies.

The Commpliance Group’s unique solution to the compliance challenges facing today’s telecommunications companies puts the right people on the right tasks and for the right price. We turn risk management into a competitive advantage by reducing compliance-related expenses and controlling your exposure to risk.

  • Who We Are
  • Who We Serve
  • How We Work

The Commpliance Group was established in 2002 as the consulting division of the nationally recognized and award-winning Washington, DC area communications law firm, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC -- The CommLaw Group.  Originally created to fulfill client demand for more predictable and affordable options for fulfilling basic regulatory compliance and transactional service needs, The Commpliance Group quickly grew to become the industry’s leading provider of technology-enhanced, expertly-serviced licensing, compliance, transactional services and "Help Yourself" educational resources.

Compliance obligations have expanded dramatically for all types of services providers subject to federal and state communications laws and regulations since the mid-1990s. When clients of The CommLaw Group began asking the firm's attorneys and other regulatory compliance professionals to help them administer their on-going regulatory compliance obligations before the FCC, State Public Utility Commissions, Secretaries of State, Departments of Revenue and 911 Administrators throughout the country, we obliged.

Our "legal services" clients demanded high-level professional assistance and the security and confidence that comes with experience and expertise. But they sought all of these qualities at both predictable and affordable "non-lawyer" rates. To fulfill this demand, The CommLaw Group created its flat fee Compliance & Reporting Service ("C&R Service”), which quickly attracted nationwide providers of local and long distance telecommunications services. Our C&R Service expanded with the constantly evolving marketplace of communications technologies and regulatory requirements, which today includes an expansive array of traditional telecommunications and IP-Enabled, wireless and prepaid service providers, broadcasters, cable providers and other media distribution outlets. We provide C&R Service to all telecommunications service providers who require dedicated regulatory support at flat, predictable rates.

Then, around 2005, anticipating the seismic shift in the market for effective, yet affordable legal services, the firm set out to engineer its one-of-a-kind, Full Spectrum professional services business model. The ground-breaking processes developed by the firm enable it to provide value-driven, high-quality professional services that deliver business-savvy solutions for reasonable, predictable, task appropriate costs; all provided with the customer-friendly, client-focused approach that has become our organization's hallmark characteristic.

The efficiency of our experienced professional staff, combined with our use of proprietary and revolutionary technologies, has enabled us to meet demand and exceed all expectations of the law firm's clients.

The Commpliance Group was formally established as a stand-alone consulting affiliate of The CommLaw Group in 2006 in order to broaden the availability of our revolutionary compliance services beyond the law firm's client base.  Today, The Commpliance Group is proud to offer its services to everyone!

Our expert knowledge of legal and regulatory issues, focused and diligent approach to managing the diverse and cumbersome administrative reporting processes, and proven effectiveness at ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions make The Commpliance Group an indispensible resource for any enterprise providing regulated communications services. We cater to all businesses seeking to outsource the administrative burdens imposed by law or regulation on communications providers of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to established entities.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to every company's outsourced compliance needs; and no amount of "automation" can make the compliance process self-executing. Anyone making these claims is misleading you and taking your company down the path of non-compliance and future remediation costs.

Whether your compliance issues are regulatory, corporate or tax related, finding the right solution is often times more "art" than "science." Because of this simple reality, and because companies in various sectors of the industry have different needs, no outsourced compliance solution can perfectly fit every company's needs into the same box.

The Commpliance Group will unify your regulatory, corporate, and tax compliance efforts through an outsourced solution that is built around your company's needs. Rather than being forced into the same four corners as every other company, no matter the size or status in the business life cycle, we will work with you to explore a solution that is suited to where your company is today, and which can grow and evolve alongside your company.  And your company can be from various sectors within the industry, because The Commpliance Group tailors its strategy and solutions around your company’s very specific needs.

We serve clients in every sector of the communications industry, including:

  • Traditional wireline telecommunications services providers, such as domestic & international Long Distance ("IXC") and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers ("CLECs")
  • Nomadic and fixed "Interconnected" Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") service providers
  • Non-Interconnected VoIP service providers
  • Prepaid Calling Card and other PIN-based or PINless calling service providers
  • Pre-and post-paid wireless service providers and resellers ("MVNEs and MVNOs")
  • Satellite service providers and resellers
  • Non-Interconnected VoIP service providers
  • Broadband and Internet Access services providers
  • All forms of Internet-based (IP-based) services, including hybrid and convergent communications service providers

What you get with our Managed Licensing & Compliance Services

Companies entering the communications industry need professional assistance in two important phases: Market Entry and Post-Entry Compliance. Companies exiting the industry or terminating certain service lines also trigger Market Exit regulatory requirements. The Commpliance Group provides regulatory support for all three – Market Entry, Compliance Maintenance, and Market Exit. We'll help you secure necessary licenses and registrations, including FCC registration, 214 licensing and Secretary of State authorizations. Once licensed, we provide post-licensing compliance services, including:

  • Online access to your FCC reports and filings
  • Email reminders of upcoming FCC filing deadlines
  • Filing obligation overviews and compliance recommendations
  • A live, regulatory consultant monitors compliance obligations, collects data, prepares reports, and ensures timely filing
  • Access to AccuCommplianceSM Database System, including:
    • Real-time updates of filings
    • Online account management and data submission
    • Archived storage of all data and reports
    • Optional electronic payments and escrow
  • State Utility Commission and Secretary of State regulatory compliance and corporate maintenance services
  • Preferred rates at our communications law firm, The CommLaw Group

And when it’s time to terminate service or exit the industry, we’ll make sure you do so in compliance with applicable regulations

If you are in the regulated communication industry and in search of the Full Spectrum of professionally managed compliance solutions, look no further!

Regulatory compliance should not be a burden. In fact, at The Commpliance Group, we view regulatory compliance as an opportunity – to minimize risk, maximize opportunities, steer clear of potential remediation penalties, and avoid reputational impairment, while competitively positioning your organization within the communications industry. You will also have the opportunity to streamline your company's procedures, reduce overhead costs, and create both certainty and peace of mind.

With the possibility of costly fines, the loss of operating authority and the rapid growth of regulatory fees and taxes on telecommunications services growing at a rapid rate, your company cannot afford to ignore the risk of non-compliance or the market opportunities that exist through intelligently planned and implemented compliance.

We offer a range of services tailored to suit each customer’s unique profile, risk tolerance, and budget. Customers interested in achieving literal, conservative compliance with regulatory, corporate and tax filing and fee payment requirements within a well-defined scope can achieve this goal at the lowest possible monthly fixed fees. Customers whose needs are broader, more diverse or demanding, or who simply command a higher degree of personal attention and care in the administration of their compliance needs have on-demand access to some of the compliance field's leading consultants.

What makes us truly unique is our close affiliation with lawyers at leading communications law firm, The CommLaw Group, and the variety of strategic alliances with "best of breed" subject matter and technology experts, such as CCH SureTax and Avalara, the industry’s premier providers of cloud-based tax calculation software and content. These relationships provide our customers with access to the full spectrum of outsourced compliance services.

The Compliance Group offers a range of services that include:

  • Fixed-Fee Regulatory Compliance Reporting and Maintenance;
  • Predictable and affordable Regulatory Licensing and Registration;
  • Fixed-Fee Corporate registration;
  • Full-service, comprehensive compliance management;
  • Dedicated, expert consulting professionals and “issues and needs” based access to telecom attorneys that interface with The Commpliance Group team to provide advice, address risk management issues, analyze options, offer interpretive guidance, and manage escalated issues that require expert legal counsel;
  • Strategic relationships with industry-leading providers of tax calculation software and content and sales, use, and other transaction tax reporting and consulting services.

Our wide-ranging capabilities enable our clients to unify regulatory, corporate and tax compliance efforts through an outsourced solution built around your company’s specific regulatory obligations and business objectives. We provide what you need, when you need it, as well as the ability to grow and evolve along with your organization.

Our total compliance solutions include determining the scope of your company’s compliance obligations, identifying lawful methods of mitigating compliance burdens, and implementing compliance measures. Once compliance is achieved, we continue to provide cost-effective and one-stop solutions that meet all of your regulatory and tax compliance maintenance needs.

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