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The Commpliance Group delivers the Full Spectrum of compliance solutions to the telecom industry.

We are the only compliance vendor in the marketplace built on the foundation of expert Telecom Attorney knowledge gained through more than a decade of USAC audit representation and experience. Our SaaS-based compliance platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure regulatory compliance with the FCC’s complex web of service classification, revenue allocation, and reporting rules governing VoIP, Wireless and traditional telecom service providers.

Leveraging our best of breed software and Full Spectrum service model, our team of experienced compliance professionals help make the management of your company’s compliance reliable, routine and worry-free. All while fulfilling our commitment to identify business opportunities through intelligently managed compliance –

  • Opportunity to minimize financial exposure and reputational harm
  • Opportunity to improve competitive positioning
  • Opportunity to control compliance costs while intelligently managing compliance risks

Which is why, at The Commpliance Group, we view Compliance as Opportunity! How do we do it?

Technology & Experience Combined to Revolutionize Compliance

Through years of development informed by the expert knowledge of the Telecom Attorneys at Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, AccuComplianceSM is the only comprehensive compliance software platform of its kind. Built from the ground up to ensure accurate, thorough, and timely compliance with the Universal Service Administrative Company’s FCC Form 499-A, once your company’s product catalog of regulated and unregulated services are mapped into AccuComplianceSM using our no cost, Do-It-Yourself onboarding process, you can sleep easy knowing that your compliance filings will not only be filed on time, you’ll be confident the data being reported is accurate and optimized to minimize government fees. Just a few of the unique features exclusively available when you choose The Commpliance Group to be your trusted compliance partner:
  • Material change notifications, to alert your company to USAC “red flags” before your returns are filed
    • Save money resolving audits by avoiding audit triggers!
  • Custom product catalog mapping to ensure reported revenue is “optimized” to minimize exposure to government fees
    • Saving your customers money on fees gives your company a competitive advantage!
  • Automated “De Minimis” exemption loss tracking and alerts
    • Know when your company is expected to lose its exemption so you can avoid large true-ups and double payment of supplier passthroughs
  • Automated “Limited International Revenue Exemption” (LIRE) loss tracking and alerts
    • Don’t get blindsided by USAC invoices 10 times larger than historical averages!
    • Know about the potential loss of LIRE in advance, so you can prepare and mitigate
  • Affiliated Filer management
    • Don’t violate rules or lose exemptions because you forgot to disclose an Affiliated Filer

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The Commpliance Group has engineered the “full spectrum” of compliance solutions for clients seeking to minimize risk exposure without incurring wasteful costs or sacrificing business opportunities.  Learn how Compliance can be an Opportunity for your business to grow and succeed by exploring our Full Spectrum Compliance Solutions!

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